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    Solar Escape was founded in early 2003 and has grown over the years into several businesses. Our original company started out as a tanning salon, over the years we have built an online presents selling physical products online. Solar Escape sells on multiple platforms and had multiple websites. In late July 2017 our company decided to take our business and focus stricly on our online e-commerce business. Whether your looking for some of our branded products or custom T-shirt Printing of any size we can handle your needs. To discuss prices on Custom Tshirts or see our links below to direct you to the right area.

    The last few years our Ecommerce business has been taking over bringing you hundreds of products on any of our sales channels. You may also see some of our brands down below. As our online business contuines to grow we will make updates to our main page.

    Solar Escape

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    We have a few custom brand products that you can view. Most of our websites have mixed items some items are branded by solar escape brands while other products maybe standard retail products. When our company finds a demand in a product we send our team out to source the product and we add our special features to it. We then launch the product to our marketplaces. See all our brands down below.

    Some of our brands include..


Home Goods, Home Decor, Garden, Gadgets, Discounts, over stocked items and more..


Real Estate News and Insights, / Video Production & design. Looking to buy or sell your house Or need a video produced for your new home visit us here.

InfantrySurvival.com ( currently Closed)

Sports and outdoors , camping , gadgets, and more.. Infantry Survival is the premier site to buy all the essential items you need. Infantry Survival is here to help you prepare for any emergency or just adventure. We will encourage you to be wise by preparing to the fullest extent possible.

FilthyShirt.com ( currently Closed)

Fashion Online store that offers a wide selection of funny apparel, jewlery, watches, and accessories.. All of our slogans are original FilthyShirt.com creations, in addition to our creations we accept your t-shirt ideas! Just send us an idea and if we like it we will manufacture and print it. 


Aromatherapy products and accessories



See all of enzo's websites and services here. Realtor, online marketing, webdesign, ecommerce, video production.



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